Fada Model L-56 (136, 202)

Fada Model L-56

Fada introduced the L-56 line of radios in 1939, and stayed with the basic design through the beginning of WW-II, when radio production became impossible.  At least five models were produced, each with a distinct model number.  The first was the L-56, shown above.  A slightly different chassis was used in the L-26, though the appearance was identical.  A modernized chassis, different dial design, and "gumdrop" knobs characterized the model 136, shown just below.  A third version, the model 202, shown at the bottom, has still another dial design.  The fourth version (model number 188, not shown) was a "patriotic" model in various combinations of red, white, and blue.  The 188 appeared to use the same chassis as the 136.  The model 202, apparently, was made with both the "basket handle" as on the L-56 as well as the drop-down bar handle as used on the Bullet models.

Fada Model 136

Fada Model 202

The L-56 was featured in the advertisement shown below for the Bakelite Corporation which appeared in the March, 1940 issue of "Fortune" magazine.

Bakelite Corporation Advertisement