Kadette KR-20 "Autime" Clock Radio

Kadette KR-20 "Autime"

The Kadette model KR-20 "Autime" is an early alarm clock/radio, circa 1938.  

Presumably, "Autime" was short for "Automatic Time", but that wasn't accurate as there is nothing automatic about this radio.  The clock cannot control the radio.  In fact, it is impossible to use the radio when the alarm is set.  No going to sleep to music, no snooze button, no automatic control for the coffee pot.  

The radio was a modern design for the time, a 5-tube superhet, and the styling was up to date as well.  The radio aspect was very much played down by the designers.  The dial is a tiny window in the corner of the clock face, and the knobs are gumdrop-sized bits of translucent, amber plastic.