Majestic 5T-0 Radio/Clock

This Majestic model 5T-0 radio of 1939 vintage offers a unique approach to the challenge of combining a clock and radio into the same compact package.  When the radio is turned off, all that is visible is the glass clock face, which is partially mirrored on the inside.  When the radio is on, the illuminated dial behind the clock face becomes visible.  The speaker is at the back of the cabinet.  The clock is not self starting; it must be started by spinning the small knob in the center of the clock face, and it is set by manually moving the hands to the correct time.  Unlike the familiar clock radios of the 50's, this clock is not designed to turn the radio on or off.  The cabinet of this radio is made of "Beetle" plastic, which is a marbleized form of Plaskon.  The photo below shows what the radio looks like when turned on.