Philco Model B570 "Show Special"

The 1954 Philco model B-570 was a typical inexpensive plastic-cased table radio of its day.  It was attractive, but undistinguished.  The radio shown here is unique, apparently, made specially by Philco for display at trade shows or as a dealer display.  I understand Philco also made similar display TV's at about the same time.  Unlike the TV's, this radio is fully functional.

Most notable is the chassis, which was chrome plated.  They didn't stop there, though, as they also plated the speaker, the output transformer, and the tuning capacitor frames.

The top and sides of the cabinet were carefully cut away to allow the chrome chassis to be easily seen.  The back, normally made of fiberboard, was replaced in this case by clear Lucite, shaped and drilled to exactly match the standard piece.

This radio was purchased from the estate of a retired Philco engineer.  No doubt he saw it as a unique and interesting item and probably rescued it from the trash after it's usefulness to the corporation had passed.