Pilot Model B-1151 "Lone Ranger"

This is the Pilot model B-1151 radio, circa 1940.  This was, apparently, a special version of the "Major Maestro" radio, with a special dial design featuring the Lone Ranger's image which had been silk screened over the original dial.  In fact, the original "Pilot Radio" logo is just barely visible under the added image.  Note the two horizontal line in the picture below.  They are still visible beneath the background of the Lone Ranger's image (the background is blue, but it appears green because of the age-yellowed celluloid dial cover).  This is a large 5-tube radio, measuring about 15 inches across its face. 

Caveat Emptor:  It would appear that unscrupulous dealers are affixing paper reproduction Lone Ranger pictures to plain versions of these radios, so be careful when buying!