Stewart-Warner Model 62T36

Stewart-Warnter Model 62T36
The 1946 model 62T36 radio was the only Catalin-cased radio made by Stewart-Warner.  It is the second largest Catalin radio (second only to the RCA 66X series) and one of only a few Catalins with a shortwave band.  It used a 6-tube AC/DC chassis.

This set was only available in one color combination.  Originally, the case was a dark green color, with white marbleization, with a white grill insert and white knobs.  With age and oxidation, the white trim has yellowed, and the case has darkened almost to a black color.   The swirl patterns on the top and sides are generally quite spectacular, but the front surface seems to have very little color in most examples.  The colors, however, are not all that attractive, the overall design is a bit awkward, and the set is overly large.  Consequently, this is not a popular set among collectors.  It is also one that is almost always found with a broken dial glass.

Stewart-Warnter Model 62T36 (Top View)