Wood Fada Model 200 "Bullet"

Wood FADA Model 200 Streamliner

This is a rare and unusual variation on the familiar, classic Fada Streamliner radio, popularly known as the "Bullet".  Rather than the usual Catalin plastic case, this one has a cabinet made entirely from wood, including the bezel, grill, and knobs, and was finished in red and ivory lacquers.  It is a model 200 which was distinguished from the earlier model 115 by an updated chassis and a different dial design.  This model appeared just prior to the US entry into WW-II.  Possibly, the wood case variant was a last ditch attempt by Fada to stay in production as plastics disappeared from the markets as the war supply effort geared up.

Wood and Catalin Fada Bullets

The wood version is significantly larger than it's Catalin cousin as can be seen in the side-by-side comparison with a Catalin 115 Bullet.  Interestingly, the wood Bullet seems to be prone to cracking in some of the same locations as did the Catalins.