Riley & Klotz (Arkay) Horn Speaker

Arkay Speaker

The Riley and Klotz Manufacturing Company of Newark, NJ made this horn speaker in 1922.  It was sold under the name "Arkay", which came from the "R" and "K" initials.  This Arkay should not be confused with the Arkay (R.K. Laboratories, of Chicago) which made the beer keg radios in the early 30's, or the Arkay of the New York area that made cheap table model radios (often in kit form) in the late 1940's.

Like several other horns of the day (most notably the Westinghouse "Vocarola"), they used auto horn pieces to cut costs.  It stands about 11 inches high, and the mouth of the bell is about 5 inches in diameter.  It was sold without a driver, but was configured so that any earphone unit could be used.  It was available in black enamel, or nickel plated.

Arkay Speaker

This advertisement appeared in the April-May 1922 issue of Radio News magazine.