American Television Institute Advertisement Copy

With this A.T.I. Television Equipment you can make over 350 amazing, interesting experiments right in your own home.  You can produce your own Television program for a local audience...transmitting and receiving the faces of your friends.  You can build complete Television Transmission and Reception Systems, Television Amplifiers, Radio Transmitters, Television Pickups, Photo-electric Relays, Radio and Television Receivers, Projection Systems, Light Beam Telephone, Magic Lantern, Grid-Glow Alarms, Scanning Systems, Sound Amplifiers, Current-Levers, Photo-electric Photometers.  You can make hundreds of experiments and comparison tests that show you the phenomena of Television and Radio in a quick, simple way...much easier to understand than just mere words in a book.  Get all the facts about this amazing offer...SEND THE COUPON NOW!
Illustrated above is the equipment you receive from the American Television Institute.  A remarkable offer, not equaled anywhere in Radio-Television today!  In addition to a superior course of Television-Radio Training with all necessary text books you get, AT NO EXTRA COST, this full sized professional Television Transmitter and Receiver, regularly used for public exhibitions, with a steel rack nearly six feet high and two feet wide!  RCA Amplifier and Modulator Tubes throughout;  50 Watt Radio Transmitter, Super heterodyne Receiver, Speaker, Metes, Phones, Four of A.T.I.'s giant Photo Electric Cells; a 7" x 21" Cathode Ray Receiving Tube; together with all other parts too numerous to list here, to make a complete Television Transmitter and Receiver that will receive any modern 441 line signal.