Sylvania Award-1952

The Sylvania Award was issued from about 1952 through 1958 in a number of categories for outstanding work in television broadcasting or production. 

The award clock shown was awarded to Theodore Granik in 1952 for his show "Youth Wants to Know" which was aired on the NBC network in the early 1950's.  This show featured clean-cut teens asking searching, insightful questions of public figures, politicians, and celebrities.

Granik (1907-70) was a lawyer who was most noted for his debate format show "American Forum of the Air" on radio and later TV.

Other Sylvania Award recipients included such luminaries as Rod Sterling, Steve Allen, and Fred Rogers. 

Sylvania Award 1952

This Sylvania Award clock stands about 14 inches high and was made by the Medallic Art Co. of New York, NY.

Sylvania Award Closeup