GE WL-112 (UX-112 Tube on a WD-11 Base)

This tube was made by General Electric in the mid 1920's.  It has the GE logo etched into the glass, and the rainbow getter that was characteristic of GE tubes made at their Nela Park, Ohio plant in that era.

Based on the hand-written number visible inside, and the appearance of the internal structure, it would appear to be equivalent to the UX-112 type tube, but with the unique base of the WD-11 type tube (one large pin).  The number in parentheses (11) is a serial number, so at least that many of these tubes were made, but not too many more.

The WD-11 was developed and manufactured by Westinghouse and sold by RCA starting in 1921 for use in a number of their radios.  The UX-112 type tube was also developed by Westinghouse for use as an audio output tube in battery powered radios using the UX-201A tube.

The WL-112 tube shown may have been created for retrofit use in radios designed for the WD-11.  It would have required modifications to the radio, however,

What is not clear, however, is how GE came to develop this tube, since Westinghouse was making the UX-112.

Technologically, though, it was close to a dead end, as the era of the AC powered radio (for home use, at least) was only a few years away, and there would have been only a very limited market for these tubes.