Lowell Thomas-Cunningham Tubes Statuette

Lowell Thomas Statuette Lowell Thomas Statuette-Rear View
Lowell Thomas (1892-1981) was one of the pioneers in the field of radio journalism.  His radio career with CBS spanned almost 5 decades, and for many years, he was the voice of the Fox-Movietone theater newsreels.  He was a prolific author, with more than 50 books to his credit, and a world traveller and adventurer.  I recommend the Cinerama Pioneers website for more information on Lowell Thomas' amazing career, of which radio broadcasting was only one facet.

The statuette shown here was cast in lead, and filled with plaster.  It is about 3 inches high and was issued late in 1932 along with similar statuettes of 5 other radio personalities, as well as then-president Hoover and soon-to-be president Roosevelt.  They were given away as incentives for radio owners to bring their old tubes in for testing and (hopefully for the dealer) replacement.