Miscellaneous Tube Boxes-Part 4
Shown here (in no particular order) are some assorted tube boxes of the 1920's through the 1950's.
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CeCo Tube Box CeCo Tube Box

CeCo Manufacturing Company, Providence, RI (1925, 1929)

Sparton Tube Box Marathon Tube Box

Sparton-Jackson, MI-Early 1930's

Marathon-Newark, NJ-Late 1920's

Van Horne Tube Box Van Horne Box with Wrapper

Van Horne-Franklin, OH, mid 1920's (Shown at right with distributor's wrapper)

Westinghouse Canada Box Altec Service Corp. Tube Box

Westinghouse-Canada 1950's

Altec Service Corp. 1950's (Reboxed other companies' tubes)

Magnavox Tube Box
Magnavox-Oakland, CA-Mid 1920's
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