QRS "Redtop" Tubes

QRS Redtop Super Detector Tube

The QRS Music Company produces and markets mechanical music items, and are best known for player pianos and rolls.   The company is still very much alive and concentrating on their traditional market, but for a brief time in the 1920's, they also sold a line of radio tubes. 

The QRS tubes were distinctive, to say the least.  They were dipped in a clear red lacquer and, appropriately, called "Redtop" tubes.  Naturally, this had no effect on their operation, but they look great when they are lit.  In the early days of radio, when this technology still had a magic quality about it, appearance was as important as actual performance.  The exotic appearance of the QRS tubes, with two red lights burning in each one, must have been very impressive to the gullible customer.

The tube shown is the QRS Super Detector.  Functionally, it is equivalent to the UX-200A.  It is actually two triodes connected in parallel internally.  The original $5.00 price tag doesn't seem like much, but is equivalent to about $50.00 today.

QRS Tube with Filament Lit