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Collector Links, Bill Stoddard's outstanding clock site, with an emphasis on Westclox, Telechron, and Seth Thomas products.

Old Radio and thousands more links to old vintage antiques online.

Tube Radio Land, excellent site and a great collection.

PRC-68.COM, Brooke Clarke's incredible site (more information about more things than you could possibly imagine)

Frank Dörenberg's Hellschreiber Page, everything you could ever possibly want to know about Dr. Rudolf Hell's ingenious text transmission system (printing telegraph) from the 1920s

Appliances That Changed The Home Forever, an interesting collection of links, thanks Abby!

Communication Through History-a collection of links covering the subject from the stone age through the Internet age

Phantom Productions' Vintage Recording Collection-a superb collection of sound recording equipment, with an emphasis on reel-to-reel tape recorders and microphones.

Television, Radio and More - The History of Great Inventions-yet another excellent collection of historical links.


Radio History

United  States  Early  Radio History

The Broadcast Archive

A Chronological History of the Development of Radio


Telegraph History

Telegraph History-Communication in Every Nation, a concise history of telegraphy, with an excellent collection of links to other telegraph and communication history sites.  Thanks to Kayla, James, and Ryan of the Green Mountain Central School District in Vermont!


Television History

Television History-The First 75 Years  (Tom Genova's Excellent Site)

This is "The Farnovision" (Philo Farnsworth)

The Early Television Foundation

Ed Reitan's Color Television History

Chuck Pharis Web Page (Huge TV Camera Collection)

Chuck Azzalina's Outstanding Television and Phonograph Collection

Beyond Cable-The History of Television-A collection of links with an emphasis on cable television, thanks Chrissy!


Microphone History

Microphones (Classic microphones, sound samples, and a fantastic collection of celebrity photos with microphones)

Vintage Broadcast Microphones (James Steele's microphone collection)


Radio Organizations and Museums

The Tube Collectors Association


Miscellaneous Links

Jean Shepherd-New Hope, PA August 1966

A Salute to Jean Shepherd








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