GE Model 7F72 and 7F74 "Heralder"
Two GE alarm models, the 7F72 and 7F74, were known as the "Heralder".  There were two face designs used on both models.  The 7F72's used brass cylinders for their support, which the 7F74 used a rectangular brass base.  Cases were made of black Bakelite, though a version of the 7F72 was available with a mahogany case.  The suggested list price of the Bakelite versions was $4.95 in 1937.  The mahogany version was a dollar more.
Above, the 7F72 "Heralder" in black Bakelite, and below, in mahogany.  Note the similarity to the GE Julep.
Above are pages from a 1937 GE dealer's catalog.