Telechron Model 4B151 "Shoreham"

The Telechron model 4B151 was known as the "Shoreham", and was produced just before the US entry into WW-II.  The case is a heavy block of white onyx, measuring about 6 by 7 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches, with inlaid strips of a darker mineral.  The face was borrowed from the Luxor, and the brass bezel with cutouts around the numerals was seen on a number of models, one of which was the Casino.  A thin sheet of white plastic material is located behind the bezel.

The Shoreham was one of three models (including the 4B153 "Barclay" and 4B155 "Hampshire") that featured Art-deco onyx cases.  They were all quite expensive, costing from $22.50 to $27.50, and were produced in very limited numbers.  About 800 of the Shoreham were sold, so it is quite a difficult clock to find today.

This clock was designed by Leo Ivan Bruce, and was issued a design patent D124,831 on 1/28/41.