Telechron Model 7H93K "Talisman"
The 1939 Telechron model 7H93K was called the "Talisman".  It was the same as the 7H93 "New Telalarm", but with the addition of an illuminated dial.  Both models were updated versions of the original "Telalarm" model of the early 1930's.

The cases were made of Bakelite, which formed the base, sides, and top.  The front and back pieces were polished metal castings.  They are most often seen with cases of nickel silver and black Bakelite though they were also available with brass finished or white lacquered metal pieces with a brown Bakelite frame. 

The dial was a piece of translucent plastic lit from behind by a small bulb.  A lever on the back controlled the brightness of the light.