Lawson Model 304 "Zephyr" Clock
The "Zephyr" was designed by Kem Weber for Lawson Time of Alhambra, CA in (or about) 1933.  It's streamlined, deco shape is considered a classic design of its day, and it is one of the most sought after clocks of the 30's.  The version shown here has a antique finished copper case (or copper plated brass), with brass trim.  The unevenness of the finish appears to have been intentional.  The movement is essentially identical to that used in Pennwood clocks, though it may have been made by Lawson under license.  The clock shown here is, apparently, of later production.  Earlier example have spherical feet.  Most Lawson feet are discs, with a bulge in the center.

This is the nameplate as it appears on the back of the Zephyr.  It shows the model as "P 40".  Other Lawson clocks have this same model number, so it appears that the style number (304) is what differentiates the various clocks they made.