Western Electric D-14293 Microphone
Western Electric D-14293 Microphone
The type D-14293 microphone was used with the Western Electric SCR-68 aircraft radio transceiver (and others) during the latter years of WW-1 (1917-1918).

It is a simple, single-button carbon microphone that was held to the pilot's or observer's chest with a pair of straps to allow hands-free operation.  The shorter strap went around the neck, and the longer strap went under the arms.  The angle of the support arm could be adjusted to position the element directly in front of the operator's mouth.

A trace of an insignia remains on the back of the microphone housing, but I have not been able to identify it.  Note the 1913 patent date.

Back of Microphone Housing
Front of Microphone Housing
Connecting Plug
Western Electric D-14293 Microphone

These microphones were widely available on the surplus market for quite some time after the end of WW-1, as seen in this 1930 advertisement.