Fada Model 252/652 "Temple"

Fada 652 "Temple"

The Fada model 652 radio (and its prewar cousin, the model 252) have come to be called the "Temple" by collectors.  I have no idea why.  The cabinets for the pre and post-war radios are nearly identical.  The prewar sets have three grooves on the front and sides, while the postwar sets have two.  The dial glass design was different, as well.

The biggest problem with the Temple was the dial glass.  Cabinet shrinkage interfered with the glass and, inevitably, one or the other broke.

Like the Fada Bullets, the Temples were available in white (yellow), onyx (pea green), white with red trim, or blue or maroon with white trim.  There are also open grill and insert grill variants, and there were wood prewar Temples with either natural finish, or fabric covered.  In most cases, the prewar sets used the larger size (5/8 inch diameter) "gumdrop" knobs, while the postwar sets used ribbed knobs in the same size.

Fada 652 "Temple"