Wood Fada Model 252 "Temple"

Wood Fada 252 "Temple"
Fada may have offered this set as a cheaper alternative to the prewar Catalin model 252 "Temple".  It uses the same chassis, and carries the same model number, but the cabinet is made of wood with a canvas-like fabric covering.  The grill insert and dial bezel are lacquered wood.  Oddly, they used white Catalin knobs on these sets (which are now yellow).  The wood Temples appear to exist only as model 252's, and were available in the brown/white version shown here, as well as white/red and maroon/white versions.  They were also made with a lacquered walnut finish.

Contrary to an assertion made in a well-known reference book on Catalin radios, this radio was not a "prototype", but an actual production model, though it seems to be far less common than the Catalin sets.

The wood Temples had a more rounded shape than the Catalin versions, which had a somewhat incongruous flattened top.  Discounting the more interesting colors and materials of the Catalin Temples, the design of the wood versions is the more pleasing of the two.

Wood 252 and Catalin 652