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I welcome email about any of the items on my site, especially if you have any more information, or can correct any factual errors that I have made (even typos)!

Before you do, however, please read my FAQ page and keep the following points in mind:

  • As of now, nothing on my site is for sale.  Don't bother asking.
  • This site is not an on-line price guide.  I cannot provide appraisals for whatever it is that you might have.  There are plenty of books on the market which can do just that.
  • I have no interest in helping you get large sums of money out of Nigeria.
  • I don't want or need any Viagra.
  • Please don't hotlink any of my images for your eBay auctions.  If you do, I will replace the linked image with one that will cause you embarrassment, and probably get your auction cancelled by eBay.

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