FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the meaning of "UV201"?

The UV201 was an early vacuum tube which was introduced in 1920.  This tube, more than any other, can be linked to the transition of radio from the realm of the military, a few commercial communications companies (mainly on ships), and the amateur tinkerer, to a wholly new status as mass media, and a consumer product.  In a sense, it was the "Model T" of the electronics world.  It was one of the first mass-produced tubes in the US, and it stayed in production in various forms for almost two decades.  Variants of this tube were produced by the millions, by hundreds of companies (often in "bootleg" form).  For a time, in the mid 1920's, probably 90% of all radios in the US used this tube.

Site Questions:

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Why do you collect?

It's an incurable sickness.

Where do you get your stuff?

Flea markets, estate auctions, private sales, other collectors, etc.  Some I've paid dearly for, some I have gotten very cheap.

Is anything on your site for sale? 

Sorry, for now, none of these items are for sale.  That could always change in the future, though.

How much is my radio (clock, whatever) worth?

This site is not an on-line price guide.  There are many factors which can affect the market value of a collectable item.  I cannot evaluate your item for condition, originality, or know the specifics of the market in your location.  There are loads of books on the market that can provide additional information.  

Can you fix my radio (clock, whatever), or tell me who can?

I have so many projects of my own lined up, I just don't have time to take on other peoples' repair jobs. 

What can you tell me about my radio (clock, whatever)?

Please, if you need to ask, please send me the make and model number (if you can find it), and (hopefully) a picture.  Please, also, be specific about what you want to know!

Do my radios (clocks, whatever) work?

Some do, some don't.  Also, be aware that I have altered some of the photographs to hide flaws or defects.

Can I use your photos on my website or in my publication?

Sure, but I would appreciate it if you would credit me as the source, and a provide a link to my own site (www.uv201.com). 

Reluctantly, I have decided to include a watermark on most of my photos.  I am tired of seeing my stuff for sale on eBay in scam auctions.  I have also blocked hotlinking to my pictures for the same reason.  I can provide "clean" versions of my pictures for legitimate purposes, and sometimes higher resolution versions.  Feel free to ask. 

How can you say my radio (clock, whatever) is ugly?  I think it's beautiful!

I mean no offense to anyone else's sense of taste.  I have my own personal likes and dislikes, and I make comments on that basis.  Everyone's taste is a little different.  Thank goodness for that!