Hamilton-Ross "Telatime" Clock-Radio
Hamilton-Ross "Telatime"
This is a "Telatime" clock-radio sold under the Hamilton-Ross name.  The model number (if any) is unknown, but the sticker inside identifies it as a "Radio-Numeral-Clock".  The clock movement bears a manufacturing date of January, 1940. 

It is a small radio, measuring about 10 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 5 inches deep.  The radio chassis is a cheap, 4-tube design which is, interestingly, identical to that used by Air King in at least one of their radios.  

The clock movement was made by the Pennwood-Numechron Company of Pittsburgh, PA.  I have no information on Hamilton-Ross, nor do I know what the connection is with Anthony Martinek Devices, Inc. as seen on the sticker shown below.  I located the name "Anthony Martinek" in an Allentown business directory from the 1940's.  He was identified only as an "inventor".

Telatime Sticker
Telatime Nameplate
Telatime Rear View