Welcome to the Reverse Time Page!

I am a collector, a hunter-gatherer, a pack-rat.

I like old radios, clocks, tubes, electrical gadgets, and things related, like advertising and promotional items, and old photographs.  I created this site to showcase some of my more interesting and unique acquisitions.  I hope you find it interesting and educational.

The contents are generally organized into the categories shown to the left.  Most are self explanatory.  The "Audio" category includes such things as microphones, speakers, and amplifiers.  The "Video" category includes television related items.  The "Promotional" category is for advertising items, and "Odds and Ends" is everything else.

I am gradually adding new items to this site.  Check my What's New page for recent additions and my FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) page for more information.

Please also take note that, for now, there is nothing on my site that is for sale,  so don't ask!

The information here is correct to the best of my knowledge, but always I welcome any corrections, additions, or comments.  Thanks for visiting!

Mike Schultz