Updated the Taybern "Mystery Radio" page with some new information.


Updated the Telechron Electrolarm page with some new information, and added a solution for the missing trim problem that many Electrolarms suffer from.


Updated the Omnigraph page with new photos, ad scans, and two new devices.

Added a circa 1926 prototype for the UX-280 rectifier tube made by Westinghouse.

Updated the General Electric UX-213 tube page with a new tube, believed to be a prototype.

Updated the Bell Replica page with pictures of the Gallows Transmitter restored to its original appearance.

Did minor updates to the Electrad Diode and Arkay speaker pages (added scans of vintage advertisements)


Added a circa-1930 prototype radio, possibly made by RCA.

Added replicas of several early Bell telephone devices


Added a National Cash Register clock using a Pennwood movement.

Added an early E.Q. Williams spark coil.


Added a very early ham radio photograph, circa 1912.

Updated the General Industries carbon microphone page with a vintage photograph showing this microphone.


Added a group of photographs of an audio equipment shop from the mid twenties through 1938.


Finished (finally) the Marti Console radio page with all new pictures.


Did a major reorganization of the clock section of this site, and added a number of new clocks.

Added a pair of glass-cased Cadillac Electric Clocks

Added a General Electric 7H86 "Warburton" Catalin clock

Added a pair of Westclox "Ben Franklin" clocks

Added a Gilbert alarm clock in a Lucite case

Added a Telechron 7H89 "The Guest" clock

Added an Art Deco Seth Thomas desk clock


Added an Ever Ready/Gilbert Illuminated clock, circa 1899.

Added another page of early broadcast QSL cards and brochures and added numerous historical links throughout the pages in this group.


Added a Holmes Electric Protective Company burglar alarm bell, circa 1890.

Added an Electro Importing Co. glass based telegraph key, circa 1915.


MESCO Toy Motors Added two Mesco toy electric motors, circa 1915.

Dunduplex Telegraph Key Added a Dunduplex telegraph key, circa 1910.


Added a number of early crystal detector units.


  Added a 1917 Navy CN-113 receiver.

3/23/07:  Updated the CW-929 speaker and CW-930 microphone pages with new pictures.


Philco UA52P  Updated the Philco UA52P page with some additional information and pictures.

Added a Dictograph "Carbon Ball" microphone.


Added two articles from a 1926 Cunningham tube manual describing the CX-301A tube, and the procedure for reactivating tubes with thoriated tungsten filaments.


Bell Telephone "Butterstamp" Receiver Added an early Bell Telephone "Butterstamp" Receiver

Added a 1930's Airline model "K" ribbon microphone.

1929 General Industries carbon microphone Added a 1929 General Industries carbon microphone.

1950 RCA Developmental Vidicon Added a 1950 RCA Developmental Vidicon TV camera tube.


  Added a Taybern Equipment Company "Mystery Radio" crystal set.

  Added an early Vidicon TV camera possibly a prototype made by Philco, circa 1955.


Added several Iconoscopes (early TV camera tubes).

  Updated the Monoscope (TV test pattern generator) page with several new tubes.

  Updated the American Television Corporation page with larger scans of the original 1942 photos.

  Updated the Transducer Corporation "bullet microphone" page with scans of some advertisements.


  Added several pages of US design patent images showing some unique and amazing radio designs that were never produced.


  Updated the Hammond Firefly clock page with a new clock.


Added a 1918 Western Electric SCR-68 aircraft radio transceiver.

Updated the Hammond illuminated wall clock page with new pictures.

Updated the microphone novelties page with two new items (an UltraMike wireless microphone and a pair of Buster Brown Lunar command phones), and some new pictures.

Added a 1948 "Moderne" model to the Pennwood clock page.


Added a German Kosmos "Radio Technician" educational kit.


Updated the Operadio portable radio page with new pictures.


Added a Crookes tube and a Geissler tube page.

Added a WW-II vintage left-handed Vibroplex telegraph key.

10/17/05:  Added an  Electro-Voice model V-1A ribbon microphone.  Added a Bullet Transducer Corp. Bakelite dynamic microphone.  Added a newly acquired ham radio picture, circa 1915 (at top of page).  Added a set of Marconi-Victor wireless telegraph code instruction records from 1918.

08/17/05:  Updated the Bond Clocks page with one new clock.  Added a 1945 Manhattan Project member's pin.

07/30/05:  Updated the Telechron "Electrolarm" page with a newly acquired brown Electrolarm with wood trim.

07/25/05:  Added a "Crystal Bent Fyrart" Art-Deco glass clock, a Civil War era tobacco pipe, an unidentified, but early spherical diode vacuum tube, and an additional page of tube boxes, in this case, a "rogue's gallery" of bargain brand tubes.  I have updated the Emerson Aristocrat radio page, and the experimental monoscope page with additional information.

03/14/05:  Once again, I revised Pennwood clock page with two new clocks.  Added an American Microphone Company R331 ribbon microphone, and updated the American D33 dynamic microphone page with new pictures.

03/12/05:  Updated the following clock pages with new pictures: 

The Telechron Model "AL" (Catalin), the GE Model 4H68 "Tuileries", the Hammond "Empress", the Telechron Model 5H59 "Satellite", the Lawson Model 304 "Zephyr", and the Waterbury pink Catalin.

The former Telechron digital clock page has been split up into a number of individual pages (all with new pictures):

Telechron Model 8B01 "Minitmaster" Telechron Model 8B05 "New Minitmaster"GE Model AB8B02 "Executive" , GE Model 8B04 "New Executive", GE Model 8B22 "Executive", and the Telechron Model 8B07 "Baron"

Added the following new items:

A 1920's Smith Art Metal Company deco bronze pen holder, the Telechron model 7B01 "Autolarm", two Lawson clocks-the wood cased Model 217 and the bronze cased Model 202.

02/28/05:  Added samples from a collection of experimental tubes from Philco in the 1950's.  Added a 1920's blue glass Mastertone M-12 tube.  Updated the UV-201 tube page with an unusual tipped Bakelite base UV-201A.

02/22/05:  Updated the GE "Julep" and the Middlebury Catalin clock pages with new pictures.

02/21/05:  Updated the Pennwood clock page with a "TV Tymeter" clock with its original box.

02/13/05:  Added a Privat-ear 2-tube pocket radio.

02/05/05:  Added a red Emerson CF-255 "Emersonette" radio, a wood cased Ingraham clock, and a Hammond "Firefly" clock.  Updated the Poole battery clock, the GE "Lumalarm" clock, and the Diehl rocket clock pages with new pictures.

02/02/05:  Added a bronze-cased Chelsea electric clock, and a Catalin cased New Haven clock.  Updated the Telechron "Electrolarm", Telechron "Casino", Kenmore, and Gibraltar clock pages with new pictures.

01/22/05:  As part of an ongoing effort to replace some of the older, low resolution photographs on this site, I have updated the following pages with new images:

Radios:  Emerson Patriot     Clocks:  Telechron Deauville,   GE Duncan,   GE Breton   Miscellaneous:  The Armstrong Medal

Added two new ring mount carbon microphones and a 1930's public address amplifier.

01/13/05:  Updated the Emerson Aristocrat and Philco UA-52P pages with new pictures.  Added the Western Electric type 318W carbon microphone.

01/05/05:  Updated  the Emerson AU-190 page with new pictures.

12/28/04:  Updated the Emerson "Little Miracle" page with one new radio, and all new pictures.

12/24/04:  Added some additional early ham radio photographs.

12/21/04:  Added some selected frames from a mid 1920's radio-related comedy film.

12/18/04:  Added two early Western Electric telegraph keys, the Shure model 315 ribbon microphone, and the Telechron model 7H121 "Serene" clock.

11/28/04:  Added a Telechron 4B151 "Shoreham" clock,  and updated the Hamilton-Sangamo and the Hotpoint timer clock pages with new clocks.

11/09/04:  Updated the Pennwood clock page.

11/04/04:  Added a 1942 Vega guitar amplifier.

11/01/04:  Added RCA BK-5B microphone.  Updated the Emerson 561A radio page.

08/29/04:  Added a nice photograph a radio shop from 1929.

08/17/04:  Updated the experimental 201A tube page and the "glass figures inside tube" page with new pictures.  Added the Duovac VT-2 page.

08/13/04:  Added the British Type "A" tube page.  Added an unidentified red-colored British tube from the 1920's.

08/11/04:  Added the British Type "R" tube page.

08/10/04:  Added the Radio Products miniature AC triode page.

08/03/04:  Added the Electrad Diode tube page.

07/30/04:  Added the Welsh "Peanut" tube page.

07/29/04:  Updated the AudioTron Tube page, added 1923 Delta midget gridless triode page.

07/26/04:  Revised the experimental tube collection page (tentative identification of Western Electric origin).

07/25/04:  Added early Van Horne AC tube.

07/24/04:  Added samples from a collection of experimental tubes, circa 1920.  Added a General Electric WL-112 tube (experimental UX-112 tube on a WD-11 base).

07/12/04:  Added an unusual Music Master tube from the 1920's, updated the hand-held carbon microphone page with several new microphones, updated the Marconi radio message page, updated the Emerson AU-190 radio page with a new addition.

05/16/04:  Added a Philco B570 radio, a factory special with chrome chassis.  Updated the Zenith Radio Nurse page, with a correct Guardian Ear, and new pictures.  Added an unusual tube by Le Radion (aka Vacobulb).  Updated the RCA Junior Velocity microphone page with the addition of the rare type 74-A microphone.

03/08/04:  Updated the RCA Pencils and Pens page with new items and pictures.

02/23/04:  Added some memorabilia from WFIL-TV in Philadelphia.

02/16/04:  Added a 1930's Carlton Catalin clock.

02/06/04:  Added some sights and sounds of the pioneering 1955 RCA electronic music synthesizer.

1/30/04:  Updated the home page with new images.  Added several new clocks, including Seth Thomas,  Telechron 4F51-A "Telart", and General Electric 3F70 "Park Avenue".  Added some new photographs to the music section, including an early autographed photo of Duke Ellington.  Also, photos of Paul Whiteman, and several noted early jazz musicians.  Added a page of radio related postcards, and number of broadcasting photos from a 1940 educational package.   Added a video clip of the CBS Radio and Television animated sign.

12/19/03:  Modified site to reduce/eliminate removal of content by certain busybody Internet security software products.

11/17/03:  Added an early Victor Electric Co. motor-generator.  Added an unusual ribbon type microphone of unknown make.

11/14/03:  Added a 1930's RCA Photophone theatre plaque.  Updated the Atwater Kent Radio Name Plate page with new pictures.

10/22/03:  Added an RCA model 77-D microphone.

10/20/03:  Added a Foote, Pierson & Co. telegraph register.  Added a Western Electric telegraph repeater.  Added a page showing some representative telegraph sounders.

10/3/03:  Added a calculation of the number of possible code patterns possible with the Omnigraph.

10/1/03:  Added several new telegraph instruments.  These include a 1926 Vibroplex key and a 1924 Lytle Triplex key.  Also added an unusual combined key and sounder and an Omnigraph code instruction device.

09/28/03:  Revised some of the photo pages (Early Wireless Installation) and added some photos to the third page of early ham radio photos.  Updated the S.S. Marsodak page with some additional pictures.

08/28/03:  Added 1930 RCA Radiotron window poster, and a group of three RCA tube "price reduction" posters.

08/24/03:  Added three early radio antenna switches (1912-1920).

08/23/03:  Added a 1930 RCA "Tube Pyramid" promotional display.  Added the Electro-Voice 726 dynamic microphone.  Updated two clock pages with new information (Majestic mirrored clock and Viking illuminated alarm clock).

07/07/03:  Added still more broadcast station letterheads and QSL cards (Page 10 and Page 11).

06/24/03:  Added the Telechron 7H93K "Talisman" clock page.  Added some more broadcast station letterheads and QSL cards (Page 7, Page 8, and Page 9).  Added a Turner 33D microphone, another ring-mount carbon microphone, and an Executone (made by Turner) dynamic microphone.  Also added some scans of original 1937 dealer's catalog pages for various GE clocks.

06/01/03:  Updated the Western Electric type 387 microphone page.

05/22/03:  Updated the Hammond "Gregory" clock page.  Added Hammond illuminated alarm clock page.

05/16/03:  Added a pair of RCA 77 microphone clones from Japan.

05/07/03:  Added the Western Electric 371W carbon microphone.  Redid the RCA Magic Brain counter display page.  Added a 1941 amusement park poster showing a clown with a microphone.

04/28/03:  Updated S.S. Marsodak page.  Updated the Armstrong Medal page.

03/29/03:  Added a number of new clock pages:  New Haven digital clocks, Telechron 4H81 "Statesman",  Telechron 3H91 "Glamour", General Electric 7HX126 "Envoy", the Hammond "Junior", a New Haven mirrored clock, a Sessions Catalin clock, a Miller Art-Deco alarm clock, and a new-old-stock replacement Telechron movement.

03/06/03:  Added the Telechron "Telalarm" clock page.

03/04/03:  Added the Telechron 4F72 "Lido", the Hammond "Regent" and the Waterbury 114 "Modernistic" clocks.  Updated the GE "Rapture" and Telechron "Luxor" clock pages.  Updated the Emerson 321 "Chinese Chest" radio page.

03/28/03:  Added Telechron 3H159 "Suave" and 4F59 "Attache" clock pages.  Updated the Lackner Neon-Glo clock page (one clock added there).

02/26/03:  Reorganized the Telechron clock pages.  Updated the Telechron "Smug" and Pennwood clock pages.  Added some assorted clock pages:  Lawson "Zephyr", Telechron 7F53 "Telebell", GE AB7F52 "Morning Star", GE 7F72 and 7F74 "Heralder", Hammond "Modern Firefly".

02/19/03:  Added RCA MI-12016 "Aerodynamic" Microphone.  Updated the Emerson "Emersonette" and DeWald "Bantam" radio pages.

02/18/03:  Added 1940 Hamilton-Ross "Telatime" clock radio.  Added a page showing several 1940's Pennwood-Numechron digital clocks.

02/07/03:  Added "Junior's Television" toy.  Added telegraph polar relay.  Added Telechron illuminated wall clock, and updated the Hammond illuminated wall clock page.

01/31/03:  Added Astatic DN and Western Electric 633-A dynamic microphones.  Added RCA "Varacoustic" velocity microphone.  Added RCA "Prep Kit" cardboard radio.

01/29/03:  Added Western Electric 201A tube.  Added Universal CS crystal and Astatic 77 dynamic microphones.  Added RCA "Junior Velocity" microphones.  Updated the ring-mount carbon microphone page.

01/23/03:  Added a Shure 55S "Elvis" microphone, and a pair of Shure microphone bookends.

01/18/03:  Reorganized the microphone pages.  Added a Universal 716 crystal microphone.  Added a Kellogg "Candlestick" microphone.  Added an RCA carbon microphone.   Added Western Electric WW-I aircraft and Navy microphones, and a 1920's Western Electric 387 broadcast microphone.   Added several microphone flags.  Added GE electric lamp heater.  

01/14/03:  Added page of radio cartoons.  Updated the 8BNY page, and added a page of 8BNY license scans (amateur and commercial licenses).  Added another early ham radio picture.

01/08/03:  Added Star 201A "blue glass" tube.  Updated Fada "Bullet" page.  Added an additional page of tube boxes, and updated some of the others.  Updated the UV-202 tube page.  Added another page of early ham radio photos.

12/31/02:  Updated RCA tube box page.  Added Cunningham tube box page.  Added Armor AC-100 tube page.

12/30/02:  Updated home page with new images.

12/29/02:  Added Telefunken EVN171 tube, Cunningham Tubes Lowell Thomas statuette, Magnavox Type "A" tube, Tung-Sol Tubes Golf Tees, and Westinghouse WL-787 Demonstration Triode.

12/26/02:  Added 1928 Marti console radio.  Added DeForest CF-185 and McCullough/Kellogg tube pages.  Added WCFL reception verification stamp.

12/23/02:  Added a number of new tube pages, including the RCA UV-202, RCA UX-112 , GE UV-210 Prototype, RCA UV-196, the Unitron "No-Bee", RCA UX-213, and a page of assorted experimental tubes.

12/08/02:  Updated the Western Electric telegraph relay page.

12/07/02:  Updated Marti 2R10 page.  Updated 8BNY Ham Radio page.  Added FAQ's page.

11/04/02:  Added American "EL" ring mount carbon microphone.  Added 1925 Operadio portable radio.

10/23/02:  Added Marti 2R10 radio.

10/16/02: Added Climax tombstone page.  Updated 1920's broadcasting page (have identified some of the people).  Added RCA 1939 Worlds Fair radio.  Added some EKKO reception verification stamps and reply card to the letterheads section.

10/07/02:  Added Jefferson "Golden Secret" and updated the Jefferson "Golden Hour" mystery clock pages.  Added Gibson EH-185 guitar amplifier.

09/27/02:  Added radio station letterhead page 5 and page 6.  Added another page of early ham radio photos.  Added Bowman and Murdock spark transmitting keys.

09/16/02:  Added Universal Type "G" condenser microphone page.  Updated radio station letterhead pages.  Added RCA 906 and RCA 913 CRT pages.  Added Emerson 199 radio page.  Added DeWald B-621 FM tuner page, and updated the DeWald A-502 page.  Added Wireless Specialty Eaton Oscillator page.  Added DeWald 406R "Bantam" in raspberry Plaskon.

08/05/02:  Updated the UV-200/UV-201 page.

07/28/02:  Added Garod "Commander" radio.  Added yellow Emerson "Aristocrat".  Added Stewart Warner 62T36 Catalin.

07/25/02:  Added WW-II Japanese microphone.  Added Fada 252 "Wood Temple".

07/20/02:  Added more radio station letterheads (page 3 and page 4).

07/12/02:  Added Lackner "Rajah" clock.  Added UV-200/UV-201 tube page and Westinghouse tubular UV-201 variant.

07/03/02:  Added DeWald A-501 "Harp".  Added Detrola 4-J Cathedral radio.  Added Champion Cathedral radio.  Added experimental monoscope tube.

06/21/02 Added Hammond Electric Bridge Table page.  Updated S.S. Marsodak page.  Updated Radion horn speaker page.

05/28/02:  Added American D7TPR microphone.  Added RCA cigarette lighters.  Added Warren "Junior" horn speaker.  Added Western Electric tube paperweight.  Added hand-held carbon microphone page.

05/19/02:  Added Stewart-Warner R-1262A and Pilot X63 tombstone radios.  

05/17/02:  Added WE CW-930 microphone.  Updated WE CW-929 speaker information.  Added WW-II German and Japanese microphones.  Added Shure 718A Bakelite microphone.

05/11/02:  Added Amateur Hour clock.  Added Toshiba and RCA SK-46 velocity microphones.  Added Turner 25D microphone.

05/08/02:  Added Gibson EH-150 guitar amplifier.  Updated the RCA Pencils page (added two early pencils).  Added some more tube boxes.

04/13/02:  Added 1950's Wristwatch Microphone.  Added Gold Seal tube page.  Added ham station 4BY photo.

04/12/02:  Reorganized tube pages (many to come).  Added WW-II Telefunken CRT and 1920's QRS Redtop tube.  Added Magnavox AC-3 amplifier. 

03/30/02:  Added RCA "La Siesta" and Emerson 33AW radios.

03/29/02:  Added Air King "Skyscraper" page.

03/27/02:  Updated the Stewart-Warner "Varsity" radio page.  Added the Majestic "Duo Modern".

03/26/02:  Added Magic-Tone whiskey bottle radio.

03/25/02:  Added links page.

03/24/02:  Added Panasonic TR-001 Micro TV

03/21/02:  Added Gamewell fire alarm telegraph register, corrected identification of the telegraph bell.

03/20/02:  Added Trophy "Bowling Ball" radio.

03/19/02:  Added Philco Tubes store banner.  Added Atwater Kent cigar box.  Added Zenith "Glass Rod" radio.

03/18/02:  Added two pages of early radio station letterheads.  Added pictures of an early Weston panel meter, updated/added tube box pages, updated Zenith Radio Nurse page.

03/15/02:  Updated RCA Globe page.

03/14/02:  Updated Mitchel Field page, added link to historical site.  Updated RCA Neon Bulb page.  Added 1FX photo to ham radio page.  Updated ATC TV page.  Added the first of several pages of radio tube boxes.


Added one photo to the Radios in the Home page.  Added several pages of music and Jazz related photos, photos of two 1939 NBC telecasts, one from Mitchel Field on Long Island, and the other from the 1939 World's Fair, a group of 1950's RCA promotional photos, and a group of photos from a radio and appliance store taken in 1940.


Added Emerson AU-190, AX-235, and Patriot advertisements, added American Television Corporation pictures.