Silvertone Radios

Silvertone was the Sears-Roebuck house brand for things electronic or musical, including radios, TV's, phonographs, and musical instruments.  Sears wasn't a manufacturer, but contracted with such companies as Detrola and Arvin to produce radios which were sold under the Silvertone name.  A number of these radios were notable for their styling, and some of these are featured here.  Click on the thumbnail pictures for more on each radio.
Coming Soon! Silvertone "Bullet" Silvertone "Election" Silvertone "Rocket"
Silvertone "Coronet" 6178-A "Bullet" Silvertone "Election" 6110 "Rocket"
Silvertone Model 6107 Silvertone Model 6402
6107 6202